Prop C is supported by a Broad Coalition of Community members and organizations including…

Eleanore Ablan-Owen, Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice
Zachary Ackerman, City Council Member 
Daniel Adams
Francine Alexander
Lyssa Alexander
Michael Appel, Affordable Housing Advocate
Samuel Bagenstos, Civil Rights Attorney and Professor of Law
Matthew Bertrand
Bonnie Billups Jr., Executive Director of Peace Neighborhood Center
Jessica Black
Isabelle Bogojevic
Rob and Emma Boley

Gary Boren
Stephen Brown
Lindsay Calka
Emily Canosa,
Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Jean Carlberg
Amanda Carlisle, Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Wendy Carty-Saxon, Affordable Housing Advocate
Brian Chambers
Jerry Charbonneau

David Cole-Heiss
Ryder Comstock
Mark Creekmore, Mental Health Association of Michigan
Ria Daugherty
Devin Day

Dave DeVarti, Former City Council Member
Annika Dhawan
Lisa Disch,
City Council Member Elect
Danielle Dros
Marley Duerst
Krystle DuPree, Community Organizer
Tracey Easthope
Cheryl and Bruce Elliott
Anna Erickson, Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Jen Eyer, City Council Member Elect
Marie Farley
Susan Farley
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
James Florey
Luke Forrest
A. Foster,
Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Janani Gandhi
Jeff Gearhart,
Julie Grand, City Council Member
John Greco
Sue Hadden

Cat Hadley, Community Activist
Matt Hampel
Lindsey Haughton
. Jeff Harold
Bridget Healy
Grace Herman 
Norman Herbert
Matthew Hoostal
Rebecca Huffman
Michelle Hughes,
Affordable Housing Advocate
Chris Hutchings
Jordan Jackson

Measie James
Brett Jones, Affordable Housing Advocate 
Jasmine Kaltenbach
Evan Kanji

Natalie Kellogg
Roger Kerson
Ezra Keshet
Ayman Khafagi
Chuck Kieffer

Pam Kisch
Jessica Letaw
Jonathan Levine, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning 
Joan Lowenstein, Former City Council Member
Marcia Like-van Dijk, Affordable Housing Advocate 
Brigit Macomber

Carole McCabe, Affordable Housing Advocate
Joel McKinney, Affordable Housing Advocate
Derrick Miller

Markell Miller
Jim Mogensen, Affordable Housing Advocate
Rose Mogg
Heather Mooney
Sarah Moss

Beth Nazario
Elizabeth Nelson,
City Council Member 
Glenn Nelson,
Ann Arbor School Board Trustee
Marc Norman, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Quincy Northrup
Kathleen Osborne
Monica Patel

Aubrey Patiño, Affordable Housing Advocate
Greg Pratt, Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Julian Rabron, Current President of the ICC
Travis Radina, City Council Member Elect
Tom Renkert, CEO Ann Arbor Board of REALTORS
Nick Rinehart, Affordable Housing Advocate 
Gail Ristow
Ian Robinson, President Huron-Valley AFL-CIO
Randall Ross
Daniel Rubenstein
Paul Saginaw

Lisa Sauve, City Planning Commissioner 
Kerry Sheldon
Paul Sher, Member Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Evelyn Smith
Sandi Smith, Former City Council Member
Paul and Gail Steih
Julie Steiner
Zachary Storey, Violin Monster & Housing Advocate
Cynthia Straub
Valerie Taing
Christopher Taylor, Mayor of the City of Ann Arbor
Rob Thomas
Eric Thompson
Maryam Tout
Scott Trudeau, Former City Planning Commissioner
Marianne Udow Phillips, Former Director Michigan-DHS
Jennifer Vichich
Linda Walker
Chuck Warpehoski,
Former City Council Member
Andre Watson,
Housing & Human Services Advisory Board
Mark Wenzel
Rhonda Weathers
Deb & Ross Weener
Julie Wheaton
Walter “Mac” & Roseanne Whitehouse

Lauren Wisniewski
Jan Wright
Susan Wyman, President of the Board of Directors of Alpha House

(organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only)

Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness

NAMI Washtenaw County

United Way of Washtenaw CoutyCitizens for Mental Health & Public Safety

Religious Action for Affordable Housing


Groundcover: News & Solutions from the Ground up



Washtenaw Housing Alliance


Peace Neighborhood Center


Graduate Employees' Organization


Washtenaw Health Initiative


Community Action Network


SOS Community Services

Packard Health

Ann Arbor 2030 District
Neighbors for More Neighbors Ann Arbor

Huron Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO

Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice


Expanding Access to All Washtenaw Health Plan

Food Gatherers
Inter-Cooperative Council Ann Arbor

Alpha House Interfaith Hospitality Network


Avalon Housing


Ecology Center


Ozone House Safe Place. Real Support.


Michigan Ability Partners


Shelter Association of Washtenaw County

St. Joe's A Member of Trinity Health
Democratic Socialists of America Huron Valley
Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors