Ann Arbor City Council Passes Affordable Housing Millage Ballot Language

Affordable Housing Advocates:

Great news!  On July 27th , after 4-hours of discussion and a couple amendments, Ann Arbor City Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to put the affordable housing millage proposal on the November 2020 ballot! Voters will now get to decide in November about whether to approve the millage, and our polling suggests strong voter support.

If you and/or your organization haven’t endorsed the millage yet, please considering doing so! Join the growing list of organizations  that are already supporting the millage, and the ballot committee Partners for Affordable Housing. We will be publishing a list of individual supporters soon.

Also, consider supporting Partners for Affordable Housing so that we have the resources to provide voter education about the millage.

Thank you all for your advocacy work to get us to this point. We are so excited for this opportunity for our community to add approximately 1,500 units of affordable housing over the next 20-years!